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Those who have played Monster Hunter will surely notice the similarities between this game and beast Quest and you all wanted Beast Quest Hack & cheats. However, it seems that the guys from MiniClip have added the necessary twist to make this game more interesting. Although they are known more for desktop games, this game offers best gameplay on mobile devices. You can download this game from playstore and itunes. Android | iOS. You can click on below button to hack it online.

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The story is focused on a hero called Tom controlled by players. This hero and adventurer was minding his own business until the evil sorcerer decided to perform his evil tricks and corrupt the minds of many creatures that live in this fantasy world. So, Tom has decided to stop with the rest of his work and use his shield, sword and the help of his friends to defeat the sorcerer.

It is good to mention that the graphic in this game is fantastic and most of the time players are going through open areas covered in snow. The developers have found an interesting way to encourage players to buy in-app upgrades. Although Beast Quest is a free application, the game is divided into two parts, the first one is free while the other requires small amount of money to be unlocked or exchanging 99 gems. Whilst it is true that paying is much simpler, collecting the gems can be challenging and won’t cost you a dime. In addition, you can use our Beast Quest Hack and save both money and time. Now back to the gameplay.

Beast Quest

Controlling Tom is not very difficult, but you will certainly have to spend some time learning how to defend, dodge and attack enemies. You will have to learn how to control your sword attack (intensity and power). Most of the game you will be wandering around and the fights will occur all of a sudden. Many players love Beast Quest because of the opportunity to explore this fantasy world. It looks like the authors have spent a lot of time setting different sceneries. The graphic is amazing and goes into small details and the music is only improving the overall experience.

Exploring is one of the ways to find gems and gold. These are the primary currencies in Beast Quest used for upgrades and buying items. You can also notice treasure chests which contain large amounts of gold and parts of a rune. When you complete a rune you will get a power-up.

Although the upgrades are simple, they can accelerate your advance. The gold can be used on buying stronger shield, sword and increase the level of health. One the other hand, the gems can be used to unlock the second part of the game.

If you want to gain more gold and gems, you will need to explore this fantasy world and drain the battery of your mobile device. Another option is to purchase these resources. Finally, the easiest and most convenient option is to use our Beast Quest hack tool. There are many other providers that promise beast quest cheats, but only a small number of them are working. With the help of our tested beast quest cheat that has already helped dozens of players you will be able to use unlimited amount of gold and gems, unlock the other part of the game and get the best upgrades.

What is Beast Quest Hack?

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This tool is designed to help users in many ways. We have benefits below.

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