Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack – Unlimited Dragon Stones and Zeni

If you ever played Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle then you probably know that how hard it is to get dragon stones & zeni. This is the only reason we have created Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack & cheats for our users. This tool is created by our team by spending several weeks of time & efforts. This is the best generator you can get on Internet.

Dragon ball z dokkan battle is one of the best dbz game. If you haven’t downloaded yet then you can download here Android | iOS. With more than 10 million install in play store alone it is surely love by dbz fans.

You probably thinking why we get free dragon stones and zeni. It is very simple we wanted you to know that the top players were using it. So, by using this you can be a top player too. You can beat them too or those who are rich enough to buy dragon stones and zeni.

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How to Get Free Dragon Stones & Zeni in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

You can alway obtain dragon stones and zeni from dbz dokkan battle by buying it through real money. But we are sure you don’t want to do that. So, we will guide you how you can generate Unlimited resources through our Dragon Ball z Dokkan battle hack. If you want to generate now then you can go ahead and click on the button given below. But First, we will suggest you read below to how to use it.

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Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack

  1. You can generate Unlimited Dragon Stones via our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack tool.
  2. You can generate Unlimited Zeni.
  3. There is no need to download anything. this hack is online based. Just generate within a couple of minutes.
  4. This Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheat will work on both Android and iOS devices.
  5. Anti-Ban Script
  6. Automatic Updates

How to Use Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack?

  1. First of All, Click The “On-line Hack” to get unlimited free DBZ Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones and Zeni.
  2. Enter your username/email of your account.
  3. Enter the amount of DBZ Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones you want.
  4. Enter the amount of DBZ Dokkan Battle Dragon Zeni you want.
  5. Proceed to the last step.

Proof of Hack

DBZ Dokkan Battle Hack

Guide, Cheats, Tips and Tricks of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

You can always use our Dbz dokkan battle hack for free. But we have listed best tips, tricks and cheats of dragon ball z dokkan battle. This will surely help you to complete levels fast.

  • Always Try Different Attacks – You can see five different attack types (Str, Agl, Teq, Int, and Phy), and each one is effective against some attack and weaker against some attacks. So, you have to try that you have each type of attack otherwise you will find hard to win.
  • Find Time to Train your Fighters – You probably neglect your Normal fighters by replacing the with stronger fighters as we all do. But you can alway use them to train your stronger fighters in meantime.
  • Use training items – You can add special items to boost your experience in training sessions.
  • Match colors for a better experience boost – If you’re training with a blue (Agl) fighter, you should try to use other blue fighters (and items!) when you train. This will helps in boosting little more experience than training with another type fighter.
  • Awakening your Fighter to make them stronger – There are some special Awakening Medals which you can find in various level as items drops. This will increase your character stats even when you are at max level. So, if you can’t get any stronger then this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle trick will help you.
  • Summon whenever you can – You can use multi-summon rather than using a single summon. If you have got the points or dragon stones for a rare summon then you should do it. You could get a much stronger replacement fighter.
  • Keep Support Items before entering in – you can find and earn supporting items by completing different levels. So, make sure you bring them before you start any level. Don’t have any? Then use our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack.
  • Use the numbers as a guide – Whenever you want to move up in a level you’ll have to select from one of three different numbers (i.e. the number of steps you will take). If you’re not sure of where you’ll end up, just drag a finger along the screen to change your view and take a look ahead – it will show you which numbers will drop you off where.
  • Unless a space says “Stop” you can move right through it – Trying to Moving through a space? Then you should completely avoid whatever is in it like any items, enemies & more. If you don’t want to fight someone, or if you want to skip around those pesky Enemy Attack spaces (the ones that look like targets), keep this in mind. You might have to skip over some beneficial spaces though, depending on how the numbers fall.
  • Always Plan ahead – You can easily see that where will you end up in your next move. But you have to plan ahead by considering others numbers. you can also get Dragon balls if you are lucky in selecting a path.
  • Play level that are difficult again – You can complete each level by one of the three difficult settings that are Normal, Hard, Z-Hard. All of them are a tougher challenge, but they provide great rewards and experience gains.
  • Keep an Eye on events – Events are one of the under rated way. But it is very beneficial as you can earn some extra cash, items or even you can get rare fighters. So, Keep an eye on events by tapping on the events button towards the top of the quest page.E
  • Try to Match your fighters with the appropriate color – Each fighter has different attach skills and each corresponds to a color (as mentioned previously). If you are able to match them with the right Ki orbs then you’ll both do some extra damage and heal a bit, depending on the amount of defense that fighter has. you don’t need to match them up every single time, but definitely do so when you have a big combo available.
  • Keep Shifting your fighters – In Each combat you can select three different fighters to attach with. So, make sure you shuffle them as it can make a big color combo and helps you in getting many beneficial stuff like character bonuses.
  • Always use an enemy’s weaknesses – When you are in combat see in the top right corner of the screen, You can see a very simple guide about which types of attacks trumps. If you can, try to capitalize on attacks that your target is weakest against by selecting the correct color of Ki orbs.
  • Change your Targets accordingly – By tapping in the top-left corner of the screen you can switch your focuses from one enemy to another. This sometimes helps in clearing level.
  • Tap on the numbers during a Dokkan attack – There are Chances are you’ll trigger a Dokkan attack before the game tells you about them, in which case it’s very simple to pull off. Just tap the appropriate number as the target icon passes over it. The more you manage to hit properly, the more damage you’ll do.
  • If you run into a metaphorical wall, go back and replay more levels – Sometimes all you really need is a bit more experience. So if you come up against a particularly tough challenge you should go back to an earlier level and play through it again. Not only will your fighters gain more experience, you’ll probably also nab more helpful items.

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So, If you are wanted to use our Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack then you will get your free zeni & dragon stones. If you have any question then contact us. You can access it by clicking above button.

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